B3. Jethro Route.

Маршрут нам не понравился. Короткий, нелогичный. Несложное лазание и короткий ИТО-ключ. Идти не советую.
фото взято здесь: http://www.sinaiclimb.h12.ru/batta_routes.htm#_B3._Jethro_route

Оригинальное описание:
B3. Jethro route 

First ascent: Daniele Chiappa, Andrea Anati, 1978, 9 pitches (possible 3 + unroped to summit), V, J.Batta NE face

Approach: The route is up first conspicuous gully/chimney 100m to left from central big gully (Jethro Tull)

Start left of main wide crack and head for thinner crack with conspicuous leaning boulder. Two easy pitches (III) to leaning boulder, then right of this into diaheder (V-). Follows easy pitch to channel with tree at it's base, pass tree (R) into channel, exit to good stance (L), then into left crack, easy except for chockstone (V). Two more easy pitches to summit